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By Leah Pascarella - / The Blackhawks Blog
ESPN Insider Corey Pronman ranked Artemi Panarin No. 34 on the list of top 100 NHL prospects for the 2015-16 season.

Winning the Stanley Cup three times in the past six years has only made the Blackhawks hungry to win more, and in order to do tjat, Hockey Operations is always looking into the future. With that comes making sure the next generation of players are ready when their numbers are called. ESPN Insider Corey Pronman recently ranked the top 100 NHL prospects for the 2015-16 season, and the Blackhawks landed three players on the list: Artemi Panarin, Ryan Hartman and Ville Pokka.

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By Harvey Wittenberg - Web Contributor / The Blackhawks Blog

Winning the Stanley Cup for the 2015-16 has several meanings. Every opponent has now placed a special target on the Blackhawks, and each team will use their opportunity to measure how they shape up against the champions!

Head Coach Joel Quenneville knows there's parity around the NHL, and there are no easy games. The pressure on the Blackhawks will be there from the opening faceoff to the closing buzzer.

Last season, the Blackhawks registered 24 victories each at home and on the road. Going into the third period with a lead, they were perfect during the regular season (25-0-0) and carried that momentum throughout the playoffs. The Blackhawks were 35-9-2 when they scored first. They were 9-3 in shootouts, while posting a 22-13-6 mark in one-goal wins.

The Blackhawks will have one fewer set of back-to-back games this campaign (13) compared to last season, although nine of them are on the road. The Blackhawks swept 10 back-to-backs and split the other four last season. The first set will be games two and three with the Islanders in October, while the annual November road swing has two tough sets in Calgary and Vancouver followed by Anaheim and Los Angeles.

January will provide three challenges, starting with back-to-back games against Pittsburgh. Later in the month, the road tests include Original Six matches in Montreal and Toronto, plus the following week in Tampa Bay and Florida.

March features another road battle against Boston and Detroit, before the Blackhawks wind back up in Calgary and Vancouver.

The Blackhawks have four sets of four straight home games, while the November road trip features six. There are also two other four-game road swings at the end of January and March.

For the third straight year, the Blackhawks will again play outdoors when they meet the Wild in Minnesota on Feb. 21.

As we eagerly await the drop of the puck on Oct. 7 against the Rangers, the Blackhawks’ aim remains "ONE GOAL!"

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Jay Sinden and his son, Max, enjoy their outdoor rink with family and friends. (Photo Courtesy of Mike Peeling, Brant News)

Most kids ask Santa for a new toy, but not 3-year-old Maximus Sinden. It was back in October when Max sat down in his Brantford, Ontario, home to make his list. He wanted one thing: for Santa to build him a hockey rink in his backyard.

Max’s father, Jay, said he remembers talking to Max right away about his Christmas wish.

“I had to say to him, ‘Maximus, Santa Claus isn’t capable of building a hockey rink, but Daddy is.’”

Jay knows how much his son loves hockey and knew this would be the ultimate gift for his son.

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By Leah Pascarella - / The Blackhawks Blog

What does it take to be a Stanley Cup Champion? GQ Magazine caught up with Swedish defenseman Niklas Hjalmarsson to see how he fuels his body during the hockey season. Hjalmarsson said he doesn’t go on a special diet, but does keep his meals consistent throughout the playoffs.

“I try to think smart and if there’s anything special I do, I drink a lot of juices,” he said.

From omelets to steak, everything stays the same from the start of the playoffs up until the finish line: “You eat the same kind of food for two months and it gets pretty old, but you have to refuel your body. You eat as much as you can, but it’s a struggle.”

However, he does vary his lunch menu, as his wife is the one that does the cooking. She cooks traditional Swedish meals, which are usually heavy on starch and protein.

During the summer, Hjalmarsson heads back to Sweden and goes right for the pizza.

“Right after the season I take three weeks without caring at all what I eat, just to get rid of that craving," he said. "So after those three weeks I can just focus on working out and being healthy.”

Check out Niklas Hjalmarsson’s playoff menu:

Three-egg omelet with onion and chorizo
Greek yogurt and berries
Juice made from spinach, kale and romaine lettuce

Beef/pork meatballs with lingonberry jam and mashed potatoes

Afternoon Juices
Watermelon, mint and turmeric
Carrot and jalapeño
Pineapple, pomegranate and ginger


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The Eighth Annual Blackhawks Convention took place this weekend and attending players and fans shared their weekend experiences on social media. Check out some of our favorite posts from #BHC2015!

Andrew Shaw mimics an emoji during the 2015 Blackhawks Convention. 

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By Leah Pascarella - / The Blackhawks Blog
POSTED ON Friday, 07.17.2015 / 3:33 PM CT
By Roy Radke, with Jack Rossi - Special to / The Blackhawks Blog
(Rudi Ayasse / Chicago Blackhawks)

Today was our last scrimmage, and we played with the ELC group. It took me a little while to get comfortable out there. The pace was faster, and the guys were a little bit bigger and better. But as the game went on, I think I got more comfortable, more used to playing with my linemates, and I thought I did really well today.

Coming into my first prospect camp, I didn't really know what to expect this week. I just wanted to play my best, and I think I did pretty well. It was more about absorbing the whole experience and taking in as much as I can. My favorite part of camp was probably the on-ice stuff. I loved just being on the ice all the time, and getting to know the guys, how they play and everything. We had a lot of down time over the week, so it was kind of nice to hang out as well.

The coaching staff said I did well out here, so it gives me more confidence for next season, and hopefully I'll get off to a good start when I get back to my team in Barrie. I don't know what kind of role I'll play; that's up to my coach, but it's my second year in the OHL, so I should play a bigger role than I did last year. I don't have any specific goals for next season -- I just want to go out there and give it my all.

I'm not planning any big vacations after this. I'll probably take a couple days off this weekend and then just dive back into it starting Monday. I'm looking forward to just getting back to training and skating with my agent, working out a few times a week, skate a couple times, just do what I've been doing all summer.

The fans here in Chicago have been great, I love all of them. Thanks for coming out and watching us at prospect camp!

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By Roy Radke, with Jack Rossi - Special to / The Blackhawks Blog
(Amber Fry / Chicago Blackhawks)

Today at Camp we had position practice, doing few battle drills, working on specifics and getting to know our positions better. With some of the free agents gone, we’re combined with some of the older players, so it’s a little different from the past few days of camp. They’re a lot more mature, a lot smarter, so it’s been a little different.

The coaching staff are all great guys. During the games and scrimmages, if you make a mistake, they’ll come over and tell you they’ll want you to do this or that. If you’re doing a good job, they’ll tell you that as well.

We also did some off-ice drills today, which are pretty intense. They don’t want us to be too sore, but they also want us to get a good workout in, so it’s probably not as hard as it could be, but it’s still pretty hard. We did a lot of core stability, legs, upper body -- pretty much everything.

Away from the rink, I’ve been hanging out mostly with the guys I know, like Anthony Louis and Vinny Hinostroza. I’ve gotten to know John Hayden pretty well, and Sam Jardine. Anthony and I also talked to Yushiroh Hirano this week. He didn’t know many guys here, so we tried to get to know him a little bit. He’s from Japan and playing all the way over in another part of the world, so it was cool getting to know him.

We’ve been hanging out with a couple other guys as well. We’ll go out to eat or hang out in each other’s rooms most of the time. We haven’t had to play tour guide or anything, since most of the other guys have been here for prospect camps or tournaments before, so they kind of know their way around the city.

Tomorrow is the last scrimmage and the last day of camp. We haven’t been told anything yet, so we’ll find out our teams and lines tomorrow morning. I just want to leave a good impression on the last day, play my best.

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By Roy Radke, with Jack Rossi - Special to / The Blackhawks Blog
(Rudi Ayasse / Chicago Blackhawks)

Our teams have been playing together for three days now, and the chemistry on the ice was really good today in our 6-3 win. We played 4-on-4 for a little bit today, in the second period of scrimmage. There’s a lot more space to play with. If I go up the ice and don’t have any options, then I can curl back, buy some time and let my guys set up the attack.

I think we really gelled as a team, and it showed up on the scoreboard. It’s just camp, but we all want to go out there and win just as much as any other game. It was good to get the win today and grab the trophy. The free agents are leaving today, so we’ll say our goodbyes after camp when we’re getting dressed. It was good to meet them; they’re all a bunch of good guys.

The toughest part about camp is not getting lost on the ice. If you don’t have a puck on your stick or if it’s not going your way for a couple shifts, then it’s easy to get lost out there. You just have to keep battling back. But my body feels good, and I gave it my all out there. I’ve definitely recovered from Sunday and all the testing they did with us. My legs feel good and I slept well last night, so I felt good on the ice.

Outside of scrimmage, some of the drills were doing are brand new and some of them I’ve done before. The skating stuff is new, but I’ve been doing it with (Blackhawks skating and skills development coach) Kevin Delaney at Heartland Ice Arena this summer, so I’ve gotten used to it a little more.

When I was younger, I played for the Geneva Cyclones until my squirt major year, and then I went to the Chicago Mission and played there for three years. I’ve played with Nick Schmaltz and a bunch of other guys from around here.

I went to Culver Academy my freshman year of high school and had a good run at the end of the season. That got the attention of OHL teams and USHL teams as well as the national development team. I thought it would be better for my development if I went to the OHL. I have a late birthday, so I was a year behind with the recruiting. The tempo is really fast in the OHL and it gets the most scouting from NHL teams, so I thought it would be a great fit for me.

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Team A

Bondra - Schmaltz - Louis
J. Dahlstrom - Sikura - Radke
Doherty - Bengtsson - Hudson
Semenov - Golovkovs

C. Dahlstrom - Hultstrom
Soderberg - Purmal
Snuggerud - Valleau


Team B

Motte - Knott - Hayden
Olofsson - Johnson - Coughlin
Thomas - Starrett - Rooney

Mattson - Jardine
Shea - Norell
Jensen - Schlichting



Team A

Louis - Schmaltz
Bondra - J. Dahlstrom
Radke - Sikura
Semenov - Golovkovs
Doherty - Bengtsson

Team B

Hayden - Motte
Coughlin - Knott
Olofsson - Johnson
Starrett - Thomas
Aston-Reese - Rooney


1st Period
A - Golovkovs - 6:41

(Team A leads 1-0)

2nd Period (4-on-4)
A - Bondra - 1:48
B - Rooney - 3:51
A - Hultstrom - 12:03

(Team A leads 3-1)

3rd Period
A - Golovkovs - 6:07
A - Valleau - 7:37
A - J. Dahlstrom - 9:16
B - Thomas - 10:24
B - Johnson - 14:20

(Team A wins 6-3)