Hossa plays street hockey, dines on pierogies on Cup day

Wednesday, 08.14.2013 / 10:33 AM CT
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Through The Glass photo blog
Blackhawks winger Marian Hossa snacked on his mother's pierogies and played street hockey with children from his hometown during his day with the Stanley Cup. (Photos courtesy of Branislav J. Texo)

toews and bettman
Marian Hossa speaks to the media in TrenĨín, Slovakia.

crawford throwing his stick
Hossa's mother prepared the traditional Slovakian dish "bryndzové pirohy," crescent-shaped dumplings filled with salty "bryndza" (sheep cheese).

group hug
Hossa digs into the pierogies.

Hossa poses with his mom, a pierogi and the Stanley Cup.

Hossa eats from the most famous trophy in sports.

The town of Trencin, Slovakia, got a glimpose of the Cup in a local rink.

big hugs
Hossa poses with kids from his neighborhood and the Cup.

After a quick scrimmage, Hossa stops for a photo with children from his community.