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L'Abbe, Moe (R) Aug 12, 1947 Montreal, QC, CAN
Laprairie, Benjamin (D) Oct 20, 1911 Sault Ste. Marie, MI, USA
Lacroix, Andre (C) Jun 5, 1945 Lauzon, QC, CAN
Ladd, Andrew (L) WPG Dec 12, 1985 Maple Ridge, BC, CAN
Laflamme, Christian (D) Nov 24, 1976 St. Charles, QC, CAN
Lafrance, Leo (L) Nov 3, 1902 Allomette, QC, CAN
Laing, Quintin (L) Jun 8, 1979 Harris, SK, CAN
Lalande, Hec (C) Nov 24, 1934 North Bay, ON, CAN
Lalime, Patrick (G) Jul 7, 1974 St. Bonaventure, QC, CAN
Lalonde, Shawn (D) CHI Mar 10, 1990 Ottawa, ON, CAN
Lamothe, Marc (G) Feb 27, 1974 New Liskeard, ON, CAN
Lang, Robert (C) Dec 19, 1970 Teplice, CZE
Lanz, Rick (D) Sep 16, 1961 Karlovy Vary, CZE
Lapointe, Martin (R) Sep 12, 1973 Ville St. Pierre, QC, CAN
Larmer, Jeff (L) Nov 10, 1962 Peterborough, ON, CAN
Larmer, Stephen (R) Jun 16, 1961 Peterborough, ON, CAN
Larochelle, Wildor (R) Sep 23, 1906 Sorel, QC, CAN
Larocque, Michel (G) Oct 3, 1976 Lahr, DEU
Lauer, Brad (R) Oct 27, 1966 Humboldt, SK, CAN
Lavarre, Mark (R) Feb 21, 1965 Evanston, IL, USA
LeBlanc, Drew (C) CHI Jun 29, 1989 Duluth, MN, USA
Leblanc, Jean-Paul (C) Oct 20, 1946 South Durham, QC, CAN
Leblanc, Raymond (G) Oct 24, 1964 Fitchburg, MA, USA
Lecuyer, Douglas (L) Mar 10, 1958 Wainwright, AB, CAN
Leddy, Nick (D) NYI Mar 20, 1991 Eden Prairie, MN, USA
Ledingham, Walter (L) Oct 26, 1950 Weyburn, SK, CAN
Lehman, Hugh (G) Oct 27, 1885 Pembroke, ON, CAN
Leier, Edward (C) Nov 3, 1927 Poland
Leighton, Michael (G) CHI May 19, 1981 Petrolia, ON, CAN
Lemieux, Jocelyn (R) Nov 18, 1967 Mont Laurier, QC, CAN
Lepisto, Sami (D) Oct 17, 1984 Espoo, FIN
Leroux, Jean-Yves (L) Jun 24, 1976 Montreal, QC, CAN
Lesieur, Art (D) Sep 13, 1907 Fall River, MA, USA
Leswick, Jack (C) Jan 1, 1910 Saskatoon, SK, CAN
Leswick, Tony (L) Mar 17, 1923 Humboldt, SK, CAN
Levinsky, Alex (D) Feb 2, 1910 Syracuse, NY, USA
Lewicki, Danny (L) Mar 12, 1931 Fort William, ON, CAN
Lindsay, Ted (L) Jul 29, 1925 Renfrew, ON, CAN
Litzenberger, Ed (C) Jul 15, 1932 Neudorf, SK, CAN
Lopresti, Sam (G) Jan 30, 1917 Eveleth, MN, USA
Locking, Norm (L) May 24, 1911 Owen Sound, ON, CAN
Logan, David (D) Jul 2, 1954 Montreal, QC, CAN
Loughlin, Clem (D) Nov 15, 1894 Carroll, MB, CAN
Low, Reed (R) Jun 21, 1976 Moose Jaw, SK, CAN
Lowrey, Gerry (L) Feb 14, 1906 Ottawa, ON, CAN
Ludzik, Stephen (C) Apr 3, 1961 Toronto, ON, CAN
Lumley, Harry (G) Nov 11, 1926 Owen Sound, ON, CAN
Lunde, Len (C) Nov 13, 1936 Campbell River, BC, CAN
Lundy, Pat (C) May 21, 1924 Saskatoon, SK, CAN
Lynn, Vic (L) Jan 26, 1925 Saskatoon, SK, CAN
Lysiak, Thomas (C) Apr 22, 1953 Kingston, ON, CAN
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