Catching up with... Marcus Kruger

Monday, 09.10.2012 / 1:00 AM
Chicago Blackhawks

How have the Blackhawks been spending their offseason? recently sat down with your favorite players to see how their summer has gone so far and discuss some of their aspirations for the 2012-23 NHL campaign.

What did you do this summer? Did you stay home or go on vacation?

I’ve just been back home in Sweden and traveling around a bit, taking a weekend here and there.

What’s the best place you’ve been this summer?

Probably when we went down south on the Swedish coast. It was really good.

Did you keep in touch with or hang out with any teammates?

I see Johnny [Oduya] sometimes, because we’re in the same town. All of the other guys are pretty far from us, so it’s mostly through text messages.

Have you hit the ice yet this summer? Are you trying to work on any particular skills or parts of your game?

I haven’t been on the ice yet, but when I go home, I’m going ot hit the ice. I’ve been working out and doing a lot of that stuff to get ready. During the summer, it’s about getting stronger and faster. That’s the main focus, and that’s something I need to improve.

What’s your personal goal for next season?

I have a few. It’s not anything like points, although I’ll take them, but it’s more of the feeling.

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