North American Skater
United States
POSITION: Right Wing
HEIGHT: 6' 2"
LAST CLUB TEAM: Boston College, H-EAST
BIRTHDATE: May 8, 1992
BORN IN: Boston, MA, USA
NHL Central Scouting’s Gary Eggleston
"Kevin is a skilled power forward who plays with enthusiasm and drive. He has very good hands and is an excellent play maker. He is a strong skater with a long stride, and uses his long reach and puck protection to beat defenders. He has an excellent wrist shot with a sneaky quick release, and will shoot from any angle. He controls the puck very well in traffic, sees the ice very well, and finds the open man. He has a very good knack of playing the puck in his skates for a big player, often moving the puck from skates to stick without losing speed."

Nobles head coach Brian Day

"He has an unbelievable skill set that's apparent when you watch him play. But he also has great hockey IQ. He understands the pace of a hockey game as well as anyone I've seen. He does things I've never seen before, all those subtle things. He knows where everybody around him is at all times. When he chases down a puck he looks to see where everybody is. He'll also take a pass differently than other players. Ninety-nine percent will take a pass from a teammate tape-to-tape. Kevin will sometimes just let it go and take it off the board, to get more separation."