Photo Blog: Paul Sinclair took Blackhawks fandom to new heights with Everest trek

Tuesday, 04.09.2013 / 4:18 PM
Emerald Gao  -

Chicago native Paul Sinclair is an adventurer at heart—he's visited 43 of 50 American states and 7 of 10 Canadian provinces, pushing himself to the limit while photographing animals in their natural habitat. His latest trek was probably his most dangerous yet: a nine-day climb to Mount Everest's base camp, battling the elements and the physical effects of the sky-high altitude. Carrying his regular gear, plus 15 lbs. of camera equipment, Sinclair needed an extra source of motivation to get him from one stopping point to the next. So he turned to his childhood love of the Blackhawks, who in late February and early March were enjoying a journey of their own into the NHL history books. Sinclair took the time to share his unique story and his stunning images with

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