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Annie Camins is in her sixth season with the Chicago Blackhawks as Director of Youth Hockey.

Camins’ department contributes to the overall growth of youth hockey in Illinois by introducing MinorHawks Learn to Play programs for kids who otherwise wouldn’t have the means to play the sport. In addition, the Eddie Olczyk Award (EOA) was established to provide young hockey players and teams in Illinois with the financial assistance they need to play at a competitive level. Camins was inducted into the Illinois Hockey Hall of Fame in 2011.

Camins previously worked as the Manager of Fan Development for the Los Angeles Kings before coming back to Chicago to work for her hometown team.

Camins graduated from the University of New Hampshire, where she captained her team to the NCAA Division I National Championship, beating Providence College in five overtime periods, the longest recorded college game in hockey history. She went on to become a finalist for the 1998 Olympic Hockey Team and continued to play as an Inline National Team player, winning both gold and silver medals.

Camins and Michael Whittaker have a daughter, Amelia.