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1st 00:15MINHitGreg Zanon hit Jonathan Toews
1st 00:37CHIHitTroy Brouwer hit Marek Zidlicky
1st 01:04MINHitCal Clutterbuck hit Duncan Keith
1st 01:15MINHitJames Sheppard hit Marian Hossa
1st 02:27CHIShotBen Eager Slap Shot
1st 02:46MINHitMarek Zidlicky hit Troy Brouwer
1st 02:58MINShotGreg Zanon Snap Shot
1st 03:12MINHitEric Belanger hit Brian Campbell
1st 03:35MINHitCal Clutterbuck hit John Madden
1st 04:38CHIShotJordan Hendry Snap Shot
1st 06:22CHIShotColin Fraser Wrist Shot
1st 06:28CHIShotBen Eager Slap Shot
1st 06:46MINHitNick Schultz hit Ben Eager
1st 07:05CHIShotKris Versteeg Slap Shot
1st 08:03CHIShotDustin Byfuglien Snap Shot
1st 08:23MINHitKim Johnsson hit Kris Versteeg
1st 09:10MINHitNick Schultz hit Patrick Sharp
1st 09:48CHIHitAndrew Ladd hit Cal Clutterbuck
1st 10:59MINShotAndrew Brunette Wrist Shot
1st 11:05MINShotMarek Zidlicky Slap Shot
1st 11:17CHIShotPatrick Kane Snap Shot
1st 11:21MINPenaltyGreg Zanon Slashing against Patrick Kane
1st 12:58CHIShotBrian Campbell Snap Shot
1st 13:07CHIHitKris Versteeg hit Cal Clutterbuck
1st 13:37CHIShotBrent Seabrook Slap Shot
1st 13:52MINGoalGuillaume Latendresse (9) Snap Shot, assists: Kyle Brodziak (10), Martin Havlat (18)
1st 14:27MINHitAntti Miettinen hit Brent Seabrook
1st 16:20CHIHitBrent Sopel hit James Sheppard
1st 16:56MINHitKyle Brodziak hit Dustin Byfuglien
1st 17:08MINShotGuillaume Latendresse Backhand
1st 17:26CHIGoalJohn Madden (11) Tip-In, assists: Kris Versteeg (14), Duncan Keith (28)
1st 18:32MINHitJames Sheppard hit Patrick Kane
1st 18:37CHIShotJonathan Toews Wrist Shot
1st 18:49MINHitCal Clutterbuck hit Niklas Hjalmarsson
2nd 00:37MINHitGreg Zanon hit Patrick Kane
2nd 00:48CHIShotBrian Campbell Wrist Shot
2nd 01:17MINHitCal Clutterbuck hit Andrew Ladd
2nd 01:28CHIHitAndrew Ladd hit Clayton Stoner
2nd 01:35MINShotCal Clutterbuck Wrist Shot
2nd 03:15CHIShotBrent Sopel Wrist Shot
2nd 03:29MINHitAndrew Ebbett hit Colin Fraser
2nd 04:41CHIShotBrian Campbell Snap Shot
2nd 05:03CHIHitDustin Byfuglien hit Nick Schultz
2nd 06:56CHIShotTomas Kopecky Wrist Shot
2nd 07:30MINShotGuillaume Latendresse Backhand
2nd 07:50MINShotShane Hnidy Slap Shot
2nd 08:06CHIHitTroy Brouwer hit Martin Havlat
2nd 08:57CHIShotKris Versteeg Wrist Shot
2nd 09:09MINShotMikko Koivu Wrist Shot
2nd 10:05MINShotKyle Brodziak Wrist Shot
2nd 10:06MINShotKyle Brodziak Snap Shot
2nd 11:04MINHitGuillaume Latendresse hit Brent Seabrook
2nd 11:20MINHitMartin Havlat hit Patrick Kane
2nd 11:57CHIShotDustin Byfuglien Slap Shot
2nd 12:09CHIShotDustin Byfuglien Slap Shot
2nd 12:30MINHitMarek Zidlicky hit Andrew Ladd
2nd 12:32MINHitMarek Zidlicky hit Andrew Ladd
2nd 12:38CHIGoalMarian Hossa (9) Snap Shot, assists: Patrick Sharp (20), Brian Campbell (22)
2nd 15:25MINShotNick Schultz Slap Shot
2nd 16:45CHIHitJohn Madden hit Andrew Brunette
2nd 17:53CHIShotTomas Kopecky Slap Shot
2nd 19:04CHIShotPatrick Kane Wrist Shot
2nd 19:30MINHitNick Schultz hit Jonathan Toews
2nd 20:00MINPenaltyShane Hnidy Holding against Patrick Kane
3rd 00:24CHIHitPatrick Sharp hit Greg Zanon
3rd 02:04CHIGoalPatrick Kane (18) Wrist Shot, assists: Brian Campbell (23), Troy Brouwer (9)
3rd 02:41MINHitKim Johnsson hit Jonathan Toews
3rd 03:16CHIShotColin Fraser Deflected
3rd 03:43CHIShotTomas Kopecky Snap Shot
3rd 03:50MINHitCal Clutterbuck hit Jordan Hendry
3rd 05:29CHIShotAndrew Ladd Slap Shot
3rd 05:42MINShotJames Sheppard Backhand
3rd 06:32MINHitEric Belanger hit Brian Campbell
3rd 06:56MINShotEric Belanger Slap Shot
3rd 06:56CHIPenaltyJonathan Toews Interference against Cal Clutterbuck
3rd 07:04MINShotMarek Zidlicky Slap Shot
3rd 07:19MINShotMikko Koivu Slap Shot
3rd 07:38MINShotAndrew Brunette Wrist Shot
3rd 09:09CHIGoalMarian Hossa (10) Wrist Shot, assists: Kris Versteeg (15), Jonathan Toews (23)
3rd 09:09CHIShotMarian Hossa Wrist Shot
3rd 09:29CHIShotPatrick Kane Snap Shot
3rd 09:50MINHitGreg Zanon hit Niklas Hjalmarsson
3rd 10:54CHIHitTroy Brouwer hit Greg Zanon
3rd 13:45CHIHitDustin Byfuglien hit Nick Schultz
3rd 13:49CHIHitJohn Madden hit Nick Schultz
3rd 13:49CHIPenaltyJohn Madden Interference - Goalkeeper against Josh Harding
3rd 15:28MINShotKim Johnsson Slap Shot
3rd 16:01MINShotKyle Brodziak Slap Shot
3rd 16:49CHIShotTomas Kopecky Snap Shot
3rd 17:15CHIShotJonathan Toews Tip-In
3rd 17:39CHIHitBrent Seabrook hit Andrew Brunette
3rd 17:55MINShotCal Clutterbuck Slap Shot
3rd 18:12CHIShotJordan Hendry Slap Shot
3rd 19:41CHIShotMarian Hossa Slap Shot
3rd 19:46CHIPenaltyTomas Kopecky Hi-sticking against Kim Johnsson
3rd 19:57CHIShotTroy Brouwer Wrist Shot
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3M. ZidlickyD00-12021:24
5K. JohnssonD0001026:50
6G. ZanonD00-11419:02
7C. StonerD0010015:39
9M. KoivuC00-12019:51
14M. HavlatR0110018:47
15A. BrunetteL00-12015:00
16A. EbbettC0000011:34
17P. SykoraR00-20012:13
20A. MiettinenR00-10016:59
21K. BrodziakC0103017:37
22C. ClutterbuckR00-12012:35
24D. BoogaardL000006:53
25E. BelangerC00-11013:03
34S. HnidyD00-21214:38
48G. LatendresseL1003018:41
51J. SheppardC0001012:23
55N. SchultzD00-11220:43
37J. Harding2933.87960:00
2D. KeithD0120024:41
4N. HjalmarssonD0000019:40
5B. SopelD0001015:36
6J. HendryD0002012:19
7B. SeabrookD0021022:16
10P. SharpL0110016:34
11J. MaddenC1011212:10
16A. LaddL0011014:52
19J. ToewsC0112220:57
22T. BrouwerR0101020:52
32K. VersteegR0222014:44
33D. ByfuglienD0013013:50
46C. FraserC00-12011:54
51B. CampbellD0203023:09
55B. EagerL00-12106:33
81M. HossaR2024018:04
82T. KopeckyR00-1428:34
88P. KaneR1004019:01
39C. Huet1920.95060:00
scoring summary
1st Period
13:52MIN Guillaume Latendresse (9) ASST: Kyle Brodziak (9), Martin Havlat (18) 1 - 0 MIN
17:26CHI John Madden (9) ASST: Kris Versteeg (13), Duncan Keith (31) 1 - 1 Tie
2nd Period
12:38CHI Marian Hossa (9) ASST: Patrick Sharp (19), Brian Campbell (22) 2 - 1 CHI
3rd Period
02:04CHI PPG - Patrick Kane (18) ASST: Brian Campbell (23), Troy Brouwer (9) 3 - 1 CHI
09:09CHI Marian Hossa (10) ASST: Kris Versteeg (14), Jonathan Toews (22) 4 - 1 CHI
penalty summary
1st Period
11:21MIN Greg Zanon  Slashing against  Patrick Kane
2nd Period
20:00MIN Shane Hnidy  Holding against  Patrick Kane
3rd Period
01:56MIN Greg Zanon  Delaying Game-Puck over glass
06:56CHI Jonathan Toews  Interference against  Cal Clutterbuck
10:42MIN Nick Schultz  Delay of game
10:42CHI Ben Eager  Misconduct (10 min)
13:49CHI John Madden  Interference on goalkeeper against  Josh Harding
19:46CHI Tomas Kopecky  Hi-sticking against  Kim Johnsson
shots by period
Team Stats
Power Plays0/31/4
Faceoff Wins2229
Blocked Shots1414
Penalty Minutes816